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Applied Virtue


Listen. Listen to yourself, Listen to others. I did not say obey, I did not say comply, And I certainly did not say believe. But do listen, And listen intently.…

Located 1,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Perseus, a reflection nebula called NGC 1333 epitomizes the beautiful chaos of a dense group of stars being born. This image is from NASA Spitzer Space Telescope.

Not Fair?

The universe isn't fair. If it were, there would be nothing to overcome and no need to struggle. We all have to deal with good or bad genes, born into…

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Applied Virtue

The Seven Worthy Values

If you internalize these seven values, they will serve you well. Keep in mind, your beliefs should serve you, rather than you serving your beliefs; and anything worth believing is…

"Dr. Herschel's Forty Feet Telescope" anonymous engraver, published in A Complete and Universal Dictionary, 1812. Copper engraved print. Size 20 x 18.5 cms including title, plus margins. Ref F4507

The Nature Of Belief

Remember, anything worth believing deserves scrutiny. If it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny and skepticism, to testing, experimentation and verification, it’s not worth believing.…